Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mark Poloncarz for Erie County

Mark Poloncarz is running against Chris Collins for Erie County Executive. He is a friend of the arts and cultural organizations. Let's support him as best we can!

Here is some video I shot of him at a WI Union Solidarity Rally in February. Who needs a megaphone, anyway?

-Bob Van Valin


  1. Mark will responsibly and effectively protect the interests of all the communities that make up this county and not just view any part as a black hole.

  2. Art, Culture, Libraries, etc., are all an important part of a vibrant, dynamic community. How can we expect to lure businesses and jobs here without a thriving art & cultural infrastructure? We can't. Collins has made very poor decisions the past 4 years for this county. Poloncarz will make better ones for all.

  3. Mark realizes the artistic, economic and everyday life value of arts and culture in Erie County, and that cultural funding is not a giveaway but smart investment in the county. Collins basically opposes this funding and will continue to cut away at it until it is gone for all.
    This, along with his better and more relevant fiscal knowledge and experience, ability to respect and work with all people, and grasp of the issues is why I am voting for Mark Poloncarz for County Executive and urge all of my friends and colleagues to do the same.